the most rewarding token in existence.
One fee, 100% rewards. Sophisticatedly Simple.


Experience a new era with Grow, the ultimate solution to put an end to the exploitation of investors by reflection token projects. We've witnessed enough of those profiting from unfair fees and crafty trading bots capitalizing on 0% tax coins. It's time for Grow to reclaim what rightfully belongs to the people.Embrace the excitement as Grow redefines the rewards. With a fair launch on BSC and a 12% fee that translates to 12% $USDT rewards, we're revolutionizing the way rewards are earned.
We will prioritize true decentralization. No more dealing with CEXs and their limitations. We're cutting through the noise and eliminating the unnecessary complexities. Our commitment to true decentralization is resolute.
With LP locked and contract renounced, we ensure the longevity and security of $GROW as the true token for the people.
Unlock the true potential of rewards and be a part of our project's incredible growth. Your contributions will shape the future as we unlock a world brimming with possibilities. Together, we embark on a journey of prosperity and unity. It's time to Grow, hand in hand!

token supply: 210,000,000,000,000

12% fee = 12% rewards. Sophisticatedly simple.The fee is automatically distributed to token holders in $USDT, providing a continuous passive income stream. By eliminating other fees and renouncing the contract, Grow ensures that the rewarding fee is the only fee ever imposed, maximizing the rewards for hodlers.90% of the supply was used for fair launch and liquidity pool, LP locked for 1200 days, and contract is renounced. 3% of the supply dedicated to further DEX listings burned. The remaining 7% is being held in a wallet (Growth and Sustainability) only to use the $USDT rewards for strategic marketing campaigns, community engagement initiatives, buy back and burn, and continuous improvement of the project's features and ecosystem. By utilizing the funds received from the fee, sustainable growth is ensured while maintaining the liquidity and value of the token.


Grow is holder-centric ecosystem that leverages blockchain technologies to accelerate the transition to a more valuable token economy. As a community-driven token, gives holders the ability to actively participate in shaping the project's future. Proposals, voting, and discussions allow the community to collectively decide on marketing strategies, development initiatives, and future enhancements, ensuring that the project aligns with the community's vision.

phase 1

CMC/CG Listings
$GROW Trending

phase 2

Community Partnerships
Fintech NFT Collection
Strategic Marketing

phase 3

Grow Merchandise
Grow Events
On-Chain Real-World Assets Tokenization

how to buy

create wallet
To begin, download your preferred wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. If you're on a desktop, head over to metamask.io and install the MetaMask extension. Once your wallet is set up, add the Binance Smart Chain network.

add bnb to your wallet
Make sure you have some $BNB to exchange for $GROW. If you don't have any, you can purchase $BNB on MetaMask or any other exchange and transfer it to your wallet.

copy and past the contract address
Visit pancakeswap.finance and connect your wallet. Paste the $GROW contract address, select Grow and confirm. Adjust the slippage to a range of 12% - 15% to avoid getting frontrun.

swap bnb for $grow
Now, swap your $BNB for $GROW. When your wallet prompts you for a signature, go ahead and sign. Once the transaction is complete, get ready to enjoy the rewards.

Ready to reap the rewards? Just add $USDT to your wallet. If needed, use the $USDT BEP20 contract address 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955.

$grow contract address

about us

Who We Are?
We are a European team of passionate investors and experienced landlords with a deep understanding of the real estate industry. Supported by a team of proficient lawyers and accountants, we are on a mission to revolutionize the real estate market through the Grow project's innovative tokenization approach. Our commitment to decentralization and community collaboration drives us to create the most sought-after DeFi project in the market.
Our Vision
At Grow, we are not driven by quick financial gains; instead, we focus on the collective power of our community to drive extraordinary growth. Our vision is to redefine ownership of real-world assets through blockchain technology, empowering individuals worldwide to access and invest in valuable properties like never before.
Why Choose Grow?
European Team: Our team brings a wealth of expertise from the European real estate industry, ensuring a solid foundation for the Grow project's success.
Comprehensive Support: Backed by proficient lawyers and accountants, we have the resources to navigate the complexities of tokenizing real estate securely and transparently.
Decentralization: We believe that true success lies in empowering our community through decentralization, enabling everyone to participate in the growth of the project.
Long-Term Perspective: Our motivation is to build a sustainable and lasting ecosystem, not just for ourselves but for the entire Grow community.


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